Height: 5’10”                                                                                                                              

Weight: 145                                                                                                                                773.354.0470

Hair: Brown                                                                                                          

Eyes: Blue                                                                                                            

Voice: Soprano/Strong Belter (D3 – G6)



EVITA                                                            Ensemble                                 Jedlicka Performing Arts Center


REINDEER                                               Bird-fish, Mrs. Clause (u/s)            The Broadway Playhouse

SPRING AWAKENING                              Anna                                            *Chicago College of Performing Arts

VIVID 2012                                              Soloist                                      Auditorium Theatre, Chicago

ALLEGRO                                                    Mrs. Taylor                          CCPA(Director: Jessica Redish)

I KNEW A BOY/                                                                               

GREENWOOD TREE                             Soloist                                      CCPA (Dir: Ray Frewen)

DANCING IN THE DARK                       Soloist                                      CCPA (Director: June Compton)

IT’S JUST[NAME OF DAMN                                         

THING]                                                     Soloist                                     CCPA (Director: Kurt Johns)

INTO THE WOODS                                Baker’s Wife                             Lower Ossington Theatre

LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS                 Crystal                                      Lower Ossington Theatre



CARMEN                                                   Mercedes                                  Opera Training Institute of Chicago

DIDO AND AENEAS                                    Belinda                                     Harbourfront Centre Theatre, Toronto

TURANDOT                                                Children’s Chorus             The Hummingbird Centre, Toronto

                                                                                                                    (Starring Richard Margison)


National Anthem Soloist at the Chicago Bulls Game



*BFA in Musical Theatre at Theatre Conservatory of the Chicago College of Performing Arts at Roosevelt University

Acting: Ray Frewen, John B. Hackler, Barbara Zahora, Kestutis Nakas, Tina Paul, Sean Kelley, Luis Perez

Voice and Text: Ann McMann, Christine Adaire, Bart Philip Williams, Joel Fink

On Camera: Jane Alderman

Dance (Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Tap): Luis Perez, Becca Lemme, Melissa Crooch, Matthew Crowle

British American Drama Academy

Acting: Peter Francis James, John Barton, Fiona Shaw, Irina Brown

Voice: John Tucker

Physical Theatre: Mick Barnfather

Opera Training Institute of Chicago

Voice and acting: Michael Ehrman, Tracy Watson, William Watson, Sunny Joy Langton, Ken Smith, Stephen Swedish

Watson Studios – Tracy Watson



Fluent in French, Conversational Spanish, Sings in German and Italian

Dialects: British/RP, Cockney, Southern, French, Irish, Italian, Indian

Basic Pass in Unarmed Stage Combat by the SAFD (2013), Sight Reading, Strong part singer, Water drop effect, Flexible, Yodeling, Juggling, Whistle, Piano (6 years), Knitting, Yoga, Volleyball, Soccer, Swimming, Bicycling, Good with children, Driver’s License, Passport