As Maria in The Sound of Music

"But of course, this world revolves around Maria—and with good reason, as Giles handles the enormity of the show with underlying adaptability and control. Not only possessed of the vocal prowess befitting a charmer of children, her gangly, awkward characterization plays well with both frankness and subtext, often at the same time, and make possible some great laugh lines. She's purely irrepressible, with a Sutton Foster energy that makes a misfit splendidly loveable." 

— Carolyn Hayes, Encore Michigan


As Young Gertrude in Loving Repeating

"Amanda Giles, whose lush voice and quiet passion are a fine reminder that Gertrude was not born looking like the iconic late-life photos"

- Heidi Weiss, The Chicago Sun Times

"Giles affords the piece a kind of halting sensuality and an air of mystery. Stein was, fundamentally, an observer of human behavior and both Giles and Buinis capture that essence."

— Chris Jones, The Chicago Tribune


As Tracy in Carrie 2: The Rage

"As the bad girl cheerleading captain Tracy Campbell, Amanda Giles is spiteful and scintillating. Adding her trained voice to each company number, Ms. Giles gets her own plaintive moment with “Love Me Too.”

- Colin Douglas, Chicago Review 

"The pretty cheerleader and head mean girl Tracy (the marvelously bitchy and superficial Amanda Giles)"

-Elizabeth Ellis, PeformInk